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Joyce on her hopes for Encounter and on Lebanon churches serving Syrian refugees

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Lebanese TV musicians look to "close the gap" between UK and Arab Christians

Two leading Christian musicians and TV presenters from Lebanon will perform and give insights into the lives of Middle East viewers facing perilous situations when they visit the UK from 27 Sept to 4 October. Joyc..


SAT-7's grave concern for Iraq's Christians and other minorities

SAT-7 CEO, Dr Terence Ascott, today voiced the broadcaster's grave concern for religious and ethnic minorities in Iraq following the latest surge by Islamic State (formerly ISIS) fighters in the country's north. ..


SAT-7 supports viewers in Iraq and Gaza crises

Millions of viewers of Christian TV broadcaster SAT-7 live in the eye of the storms that are currently engulfing the Middle East. Among them are large numbers watching from Iraq and an enthusiastic audience in the small ..


Pray for Gaza-Israel

A message from SAT-7 International CEO Photo: young Palestinian boys It may come as a surprise to most Westerners to know that there are as many as several thousand Christian Palestinians living in G..