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Famed for its rich history of developed early civilizations, Egypt is a country known for the only remaining monument of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World: the pyramids of Giza. Egypt was ruled by numerous empires, including the Ancient Egyptians, the Romans and the Ottoman Turks, gaining independence from England in 1922 under King Farouk. A military coup in 1953 removed the monarchy from power, making Egypt a Republic.


Egypt was autocratically ruled by President Hosni Mubarak for 30 years from 1981. In the wake of the Arab Spring the Egyptian Revolution began in late January 2011, when mass demonstrations erupted in Cairo, protesting the continued presence of President Mubarak in government. He resigned as president in February 2011. Multi-party elections in October that year saw the Muslim Brotherhood win, and Presidential elections are due to be held mid-2012.

Social Issues

Unemployment currently stands at 9.7% and an estimated 20% live below the poverty line.1  Egypt faces problems with illicit drug trafficking, being the region’s largest supplier of cannabis, heroine and opium to Europe. The United Nations Literacy for Life report of 2006 records the literacy rate among Egyptian adults as being 56% of the population.

SAT-7 Viewership

According to surveys carried out in 2008, 1.4% of Egypt’s population of 80 million people regularly watches SAT-7.2


Sunni Muslims account for 90% of Egypt’s total population, with Christians making up 9% and the remainder consisting of religious minorities such as Baha’is, Shiite and Sufi Muslims.3  Islam was declared the state religion in 1980. Despite the significant number of Coptic Christians in Egypt, there have been numerous reports of persecution against them in recent years.

Prayer Points

  • Pray for safety for Christians in Egypt and especially that they will feel able to remain in the country, rather than emigrate. 
  • Pray that the new President and government will protect the rights of Christians in the future.

“SAT-7 is like a church in every Christian home. It became like a church to my family and to my children. It satisfies me not only with the spiritual food, but with my social and cultural needs as well. It is very beneficial to all the members of the family.”   From an Egyptian man

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viewer quotes

"I would like to thank each one who works on my favourite channel, SAT-7. You are the source of blessing to my life. I pray that the Lord bless you and use you more for His glory."

A Syrian woman

"I started to read the Bible and to watch SAT-7 PARS. Gradually I felt some difference in my heart and realised that I love God. This even changed my mind on emigrating. Therefore I stayed in Iran and now I am one of your viewers. Your programmes are the only source I have to build my faith."

A viewer in Tehran

"Your channel is a gift. I guess if we could add to the Book of Acts in these days, your channel would definitely be part of it."

A viewer in Egypt

"SAT-7 reaches our family in this desert to give us hope where there is none. Our kids know Jesus through you and the miracles he is doing... Through this small TV screen, you reach our heart, we hear the news of Heaven and you give us relief, we feel home where we don't feel it and know we have a Big family in Christ, caring and praying and working."

A family in Saudi Arabia

"You speak about God so openly and lovingly, not like they did at home. Pray that I will find a Bible and know God."

"I am touched by the sermons that I’m watching every Friday. I’m not able to go to church but God has opened a door for me to attend a church service in my house every week! I never thought that one day I would see bold Algerians worshipping the Lord and not afraid to be shown on TV."

An Algerian viewer

"My family and I came to Christ and we are big fans and regular viewers of SAT-7. God bless you."

Man from Morocco

"I am a regular viewer of the programme 'From Me to You'. I am so blessed and my spirit gets lifted up by your prayers, songs and sharing. Thank you for today's topic. We really need to change. And may the Lord work in us more and more for His glory. "

SAT-7 ARABIC viewer in the Holy Land

"Your programmes provide such a wonderful opportunity for me to explain to my children what we believe as Christians in ways they understand. It really is a precious thing to have this channel."


"Through Christ, you can get well and see light instead of darkness...Thank you for these programmes. They are teaching us to be better people."

Afghan father who watches SAT-7 PARS

"“A friend gave me a Bible, and I bought a satellite dish to watch your programmes. I gave my heart to Jesus. Pray for me to learn more about Christianity.”"

An Iranian viewer

"Finally, a Syrian programme has come to us! May God bless you and use you to the glory of His name."

A viewer of 'Just for You'

"I am a big fan a regular viewer of your wonderful channel, SAT-7 programmes."

Male viewer, Morocco

"I would like to thank you for your marvellous efforts in serving our children. Enough to say that we leave them in front of SAT-7 KIDS with full trust of your commitment to supplement our parenting."

Parent in Egypt

"Although I am not a Christian, because of you I am becoming closer to God."

Viewer in Kuwait

"Five years ago I started seeking for the truth in different religions. I was lost, confused and wanted to reach out to God. I really needed comfort and peace. Thank God I found peace and the truth through the programmes and the songs on my favourite channel SAT-7."

A woman from Saudi Arabia

"I'm Maya, 3 and a half years old from Amman, watching your bedtime story every night and can't go to bed before listening to your stories. Mama also watching with me."

From a young child in Jordan