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Libya’s history is one of foreign occupation and exploitation by various empires. It has been a territory of the Roman, Arab and Ottoman Empires, as well as an Italian colony during the 20th century. Libya was under British administration following the Second World War until the country gained independence in 1951, becoming the Kingdom of Libya, under King Idris. Libya remained a kingdom until a military coup in 1969, led by Muammar Gaddafi, displaced the King and forced him into exile.


Mustafa Abdul Jalil presides over the National Transitional Council, which took control following the popular uprising that ended Colonel Muammar Gaddafi's 42-year-long rule in 2011. Announcing the "liberation" of Libya the day after Col Gaddafi was captured and killed on 22 October, he called for reconciliation and said that Islamic law would be the foundation of legislation.

Social Issues

In the light of recent turmoil, Libya has been under much foreign investigation for alleged human rights abuses concerning people trafficking to replace labour lost in the armed conflict. Libya has an 81.6% average literacy rate, owing to compulsory free education for both genders.1

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Of a population of six million, only 1% is Christian, with 98% practising Islam. Freedom of religion exists in Libya, aside from the right to proselytize. Freedom of assembly, unless in direct support of the government, is also forbidden, so numerous churches are “underground”. The majority of Libya’s Christian population are foreigners.

Prayer Points

  • Praise God for Libyan believers and pray they may be able to continue to meet together.
  • Pray for increased tolerance for local believers by the community at large.
  • Pray for peace and stability to come to Libya.


“My friend has a satellite dish and has been corresponding with you. I’ve noticed a big change in his personality—great happiness and peace in his soul. He tried to explain what happened but I understood nothing other than that he now believes in Jesus. That is why I am writing to you—I am eager to know more about the Christian faith and about Jesus.”  A male viewer in Libya

1. Middle East Literacy Report 2006


viewer quotes

"I have Christian roots and it makes me really happy that I’m able to watch a Christian channel without any problem. So I’m tuning in and watching from early each morning in order to understand Christianity. What better way to spend your retirement could there be? Thank you so much. "

Retired teacher in Turkey

"Thank you SAT-7 for your concerns and taking the time to talk about our issues and to all who stand for our cause."

Viewer of 'Needle and Thread' episode which highlighted discrimination against Sudanese refugees in Egypt

""Dear brothers and sisters, I live in Azerbaijan and I am the only Christian where I live. I really like this channel and it encourages me so much. May God keep blessing you." "

SAT-7 TÜRK viewer

"I feel that the success of SAT‑7’s channels is the fruit of the prayers of the people who work for them, and that is how viewers are blessed. It is God’s plan to have this channel on air."

Mariam, a viewer in Egypt

"SAT-7 reaches our family in this desert to give us hope where there is none. Our kids know Jesus through you and the miracles he is doing... Through this small TV screen, you reach our heart, we hear the news of Heaven and you give us relief, we feel home where we don't feel it and know we have a Big family in Christ, caring and praying and working."

A family in Saudi Arabia

"Thank you for today's sermon by Dr Maher Samuel. We really need to hear these words; to change the reality with Jesus living in us and to live the life of victory over sins, the life of sanctification and to return to the Word of God.""

Viewer of live service from KDEC church, Cairo

"I started to read the Bible and to watch SAT-7 PARS. Gradually I felt some difference in my heart and realised that I love God. This even changed my mind on emigrating. Therefore I stayed in Iran and now I am one of your viewers. Your programmes are the only source I have to build my faith."

A viewer in Tehran

"My family and I came to Christ and we are big fans and regular viewers of SAT-7. God bless you."

Man from Morocco

"I would like to thank each one who works on my favourite channel, SAT-7. You are the source of blessing to my life. I pray that the Lord bless you and use you more for His glory."

A Syrian woman

"Yesterday evening I came across you while channel surfing. I watched a couple of very nice programmes. I especially liked the movie explaining the Prophet Abraham's life. I had previously read the Bible, but I do not really understand, are you able to help me?"

Student in Turkey

"I am touched by the sermons that I’m watching every Friday. I’m not able to go to church but God has opened a door for me to attend a church service in my house every week! I never thought that one day I would see bold Algerians worshipping the Lord and not afraid to be shown on TV."

An Algerian viewer

"Finally, a Syrian programme has come to us! May God bless you and use you to the glory of His name."

A viewer of 'Just for You'

"I came across Levent Kinran’s programme on your channel. For years, there have been some issues that really bothered me, and he gave great answers to them. Is there a book that I can read? I love the Christian faith very much, but there is a lot of pressure from my family. My Dad especially doesn’t like having the Bible in the house."

A viewer in Turkey

"I would like to thank you for your marvellous efforts in serving our children. Enough to say that we leave them in front of SAT-7 KIDS with full trust of your commitment to supplement our parenting."

Parent in Egypt

"Five years ago I started seeking for the truth in different religions. I was lost, confused and wanted to reach out to God. I really needed comfort and peace. Thank God I found peace and the truth through the programmes and the songs on my favourite channel SAT-7."

A woman from Saudi Arabia

"I'm Maya, 3 and a half years old from Amman, watching your bedtime story every night and can't go to bed before listening to your stories. Mama also watching with me."

From a young child in Jordan