Who we are

Christians from East and West together with one purpose

SAT-7 is made up of Christians from around the world who believe God can use Christian satellite television to transform the Middle East and North Africa.  The International Board, the majority of whom are local Church leaders living in the region, sets the goals and core policies of SAT-7.  The headquarters is situated in Cyprus and we have production studios across the region.  More than 100 local Christians from the region work for SAT-7.
SAT-7 also has offices in countries across the world which seek to encourage Christians to pray and financially support this vital ministry.  

SAT-7 Trust is a UK based charity (registration number 1060612) situated in Chippenham, Wiltshire.  It has a small staff team and a larger team of volunteers working to raise awareness of SAT-7 within Great Britain, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

SAT-7 Trust is part of a wider family of organisations that support the work of SAT-7.  Read more about these other organisations.

If you would like to contact a member of the SAT-7 staff team, please use the contact us form.

Trustees of SAT-7 Trust

Roy Kemp, Chairman (email Roy)
Peter McLoughlin
John Clark
Trevor Durston
Steve Dengate
Chris Miles

Endorsements of SAT-7

Baroness Caroline Cox (Patron of SAT-7 Trust)

"Through SAT-7, we can show Christians in the Middle East that they are not forgotten and that we value their faithfulness in the face of many trials."

Rev David Coffey  (Patron of SAT-7 Trust)

"I am pleased to endorse such an innovative and powerful ministry.  Making the Gospel visible in the Middle East is an urgent need and SAT-7 is uniquely positioned to bring the knowledge of God's love and forgiveness to millions."

Lord David Alton

"There are millions of Arabic-speaking Christians scattered all over the Middle East.  These believers need access to the media, they need pastoral help and care – things they have been denied in the past.  SAT-7 is such a good idea because it reaches right into peoples' homes.  We in the West should get behind this idea now – urgently!"

His Grace Bishop Angaelos  (Patron of SAT-7 Trust)

"SAT-7 provides a powerful platform of support for Christians scattered throughout the Middle East and is a voice that reaches out to every individual within the community."

Most Rev Dr George Carey  (Patron of SAT-7 Trust)

"I have been much inspired by the careful work that SAT-7 has been doing to nurture the Christians of the Middle East.  Through its impressive broadcasting operation it reaches out to many thousands of people, bringing news, information and teaching from a Christian perspective.  It has made a great contribution in sustaining the Christian presence throughout the region and brings hope to many.  SAT-7 continues to serve individual Christians, the churches of the region and their communities and I am delighted to commend it to you."

Right Revered Mark O'Toole, Bishop of Plymouth  (Patron of SAT-7 Trust)
“I am very happy to be a patron of SAT – 7, particularly concerning its exceptional work in supporting Christians in the Middle East and North Africa.  Their vison of encouraging Christians to bear witness to Jesus Christ through modern communications methods is particularly important in this part of the world, and at a time when so many Christians are persecuted for their Faith.”

Mario Conti, Archbishop Emeritus of Glasgow  (Patron of SAT-7 Trust)

"I warmly welcome the work of SAT-7 in spreading the Good News to the peoples of the Middle East and North Africa via the airwaves.  The apostolate they carry out is ever more vital in promoting greater religious understanding and peace."

Chris Wright, Langham Partnership
“Having visited the Middle East often, and having some close friends especially among the Arab Christian communities, I hold the ministry of SAT-7 in very high regard, for their faithfulness to the truth of the biblical gospel, their Christ-honouring love for the peoples they serve, and their sensitive respect for the cultural identities, languages and faith-background of their audiences.”

Roger Forster, co-leader Ichthus Christian Fellowship

"The impact of SAT-7 is outstanding, for the Kingdom of Jesus in the Middle East.  Its quality and faithful commitment deserves our commitment to maintain and continue its input in over 20 Arab countries and beyond."

David Kerrigan, General Director of BMS World Mission  (BMS is an Affiliate Partner of SAT-7)

"Not since the invention of the printing press has technology played such a significant role in world mission. Through the skills and passion of SAT-7 the good news of Jesus is made available to any who wish to tune in to its various TV channels.   It also supports and encourages Christians throughout the Middle East and North Africa.  I thank God for BMS World Mission’s partnership with SAT-7 over the last ten years."

Dr Hugh Osgood, Churches in Communities International

"Linking with SAT-7 is a great way for your church to widen its global horizons.  Using television to bring the Good News into the homes of people that otherwise would be difficult to reach is a great strategy. But that is not all!  Working with SAT-7 will also give you the prayer connections and information you need to become effectively and sensitively engaged in changing people's lives in the Middle East, North Africa and the Arabian Peninsula."

Canon Andrew White, St George's, Baghdad

"With a great growth in Christian TV the vast majority of it is totally inappropriate and not understood in the Middle East. Then there is one station - SAT-7 - that is not only appropriate but is totally understood by all our people of any faith in the region. I love all that SAT-7 does and support them with no hesitation."

The Rt Revd Tim Dakin, Bishop of Winchester

"I have seen how vital SAT-7 is for Christians in the Middle East and North Africa. Without their work millions of Christians would lose an essential – perhaps their only – source of Christian teaching.”