Give Regularly


Why give regularly?

SAT-7’s vision is to see a growing Church in the Middle East and North Africa. God is using the programmes to do just that – build up the faith of millions of Christians and give access to His word to those who are searching for truth. The Kingdom is growing!

But we need YOUR help.

SAT-7 is looking for Kingdom Growers - people who will join hands with us by committing to giving on a regular basis, by standing order or direct debit. This commitment means that each month a consistent level of income is received and this enables us to manage our budget so much more effectively. It means we are able to meet the on-going, recurring costs of the ministry.

Without this regular giving we could not meet:

  • the cost of broadcasting the message of Jesus into millions of homes right across the region
  • the cost of maintaining our studios in Egypt, Lebanon, Cyprus and Turkey
  • the cost of providing Christian literature & resources to thousands of our viewers

Special benefits as a Kingdom Grower

If you commit to being a Kingdom Grower, you will receive:

  • Uplink, SAT-7’s newsletter
  • An invitation to SAT-7’s annual conference in Cyprus
  • SAT-7’s Annual Report
  • News releases, keeping you up-to-date with developments in the ministry
  • Wazala, a new monthly publication with news, insight and information about the Middle East
  • and North Africa
  • An invitation to special events.