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Special guests

"Jesus said, ‘Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.’”  Matthew 19:14.

This month’s ‘New and Prayer’ features stories about a number of special guests who have recently appeared on SAT-7 programmes. While the interviews with the Archbishop of Canterbury and bestselling American author Philip Yancey are perhaps the more headline-grabbing, of equal importance to us are the refugee children who took part in Let’s Sing Together, a live music programme on SAT-7 KIDS.

The story of Iraqi-Syrian siblings Hala and Elias is truly heart-breaking. At the ages of just ten and eight, they have suffered the loss of their home, school, friends and everything they know three times. They are among the millions of people in the Middle East whose lives have been turned upside down as a result of the endless unrest and instability.

So it was a joy for SAT-7 to be able to lift the hearts of Hala and Elias by fulfilling their dream of appearing on Let’s Sing Together.

Jesus has a heart for those on the margins and those in pain, and as both the Archbishop of Canterbury and Philip Yancey explained so clearly in their interviews on SAT-7, God is with those who suffer.

Refugee children cheered by SAT-7 appearance

A pair of siblings who have been forced to flee their home three times in their short lives were cheered by a special guest appearance on a popular SAT-7 KIDS show. 

It was a dream come true for Hala, aged ten, and her eight-year-old brother Elias, to take part in Let’s Sing Together, a live music programme made in Lebanon. 

Born to an Iraqi father and a Syrian mother, they started life in Mosul, Iraq, but had to flee as a result of instability and violence in the years following the US-led intervention in 2003. They went to Syria but when the country erupted into civil war, the family returned to Mosul, which was by this time relatively more stable. But the advance of Islamic State militants in the summer of 2014 forced them to leave again, this time to Lebanon.

During the episode of Let’s Sing Together, Hala sang and Elias prayed for Syria. It was Hala's birthday the following week and the show’s presenter Marianne asked what she wanted for her birthday; Hala said that she wanted all children who had left their countries to be able to go back home.

“I would like to thank each one who works on my favourite channel, SAT-7. You are the source of blessing in my life. I pray that the Lord bless you and use you more for His glory.”
Woman from Syria

Marianne said: “It was so touching to hear their story and we urged all the viewers to pray for the Syrian and Iraqi refugees who are living in a very bad situation.

"I was overwhelmed to receive several phone calls from kids, who prayed for the refugees. I was impressed by how much kids feel for each other and that through the show they were able to unite in prayers for Syria, Iraq, and Palestine.”

SAT-7 takes a stand for Arab women

“We are highlighting these problems in an effective way to change public opinion and make people take a stand concerning these topics.”

This is how Julie Nakouzi, the presenter and producer of a new women’s programme on SAT-7 ARABIC, explained the purpose of the show.

Because I am a Woman is a dynamic documentary-news style programme, investigating hard-hitting issues that affect women in the Arab world. Topics will include: discrimination against women in the workplace, legal systems and family matters such as divorce and custody rights; the right to education; violence and sexual harassment.

Your channel is the yearly gift. May God preserve your ministry and fulfil your mission. I guess if we could make an addition to the book of Acts during these days, your channel would definitely be part of it.” Woman from Egypt

A pilot episode highlighting shocking attitudes towards honour crimes has already been filmed. This featured the dreadful case of a man from Lebanon who killed his own daughter and was jailed for only five years because it was a matter of perceived honour. The man’s son (the girl’s brother) was interviewed; he defended his father, claiming he shouldn’t have been penalised at all because he had every right to kill his own daughter.

Because I am a Woman will take both a scientific, factual approach as well as covering the personal, emotional angle. Episodes will feature facts and statistics, expert opinion from NGOs working in the region and testimonies from individuals who have suffered in relation to the issue. Religious leaders will be invited to give their perspective on the topic in question.

Julie said, “SAT-7 cares about family issues and treating these issues – what’s best for the family and women.”

SAT-7 interviews high-profile Christian figures

Recent guests on SAT-7 ARABIC’s Forbidden programme have included the Archbishop of Canterbury and bestselling American author Philip Yancey. Presenter Dr Imed Dabbour asked both of these prominent guests to give their perspective on the violence and suffering that has engulfed the Middle East.

Answering the question “Where is God in this situation?”, the Most Revd Justin Welby referred to his family’s personal experience of losing a seven-month-old daughter in a car crash, and said, “God weeps… God is not far off or distant but feels deeply with our horrors and sorrows…”

He gave this personal message to SAT-7’s millions of viewers in the Arab world: “First, we do not forget you. In the Church we pray for all people in the Middle East who suffer. Secondly, we pray for peace and reconciliation. Thirdly, we pray for justice. We know that those who cause your suffering will not escape the justice of God."

Among the issues that Imed asked Yancey to address was: where is Jesus in the midst of the terrorism we are witnessing from groups like Islamic State? The author explained how the life of Jesus was marked by suffering and how he sympathised with those in pain: “God is always on the side of the one suffering. It’s easy to think when something bad happens, ‘God is against me, God is punishing me’, but we take our clues as Christians from Jesus.”

Other questions covered by Yancey were, “Why Jesus?” and, “Does the Trinity mean Christians believe in more than one God?”, important matters to address with SAT-7’s audience, of whom more than 80% are not from a Christian background.

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April 2015

Pray for Hala and Elias, that they will know the comfort of the Lord, who does not change, in the midst of the turmoil and instability of their lives.

Give thanks that Let’s Sing Together, which regularly features guest refugee children, is bringing comfort and joy to those in difficult circumstances.

Pray that the Lord will bless Because I am a Woman and use it to change attitudes towards women in the Arab world.

Pray for Julie Nakouzi as she produces and presents the programme; that the Lord will give her wisdom and lead her to the best experts and stories in order to make the most impact.

Pray that SAT-7’s viewers will be encouraged by the messages of support from the Archbishop of Canterbury and Philip Yancey.

Pray for Dr Imed Dabbour as he presents Forbidden, a programme that often deals with sensitive and sometimes controversial topics in Arab culture from a Christian perspective.