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SAT-7 provides the Church of the Middle East and North Africa with an opportunity to witness for Jesus Christ through inspirational, informative and educational television and online broadcasts 24/7.  Prayer is at the centre of our work.

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Following a Sovereign God

"For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, declares the Lord".
Isaiah 55:81

Although rarely do we have a full understanding of how God is working in a given situation, we are assured that he is working.

Launching SAT-7 TÜRK on satellite has been fraught with setbacks, to the point where we had almost given up hope, but last month a miracle happened and we are now broadcasting 24/7 on the government owned Türksat satellite!

God’s hand is at work in the very darkest of situations too. When 21 Egyptian Christians were brutally murdered in Libya in February the natural response was to cry “Why God?” But even here God is working his purposes out. The brother of two of the murdered believers phoned SAT-7 live on air and shared how the relatives of the slain were rejoicing that their loved ones had remained faithful to Christ to the end and are now with him in heaven.

The witness of those who died for their faith and their relatives will surely encourage and challenge many as they watch SAT-7.Thank you for your prayers for our ministry to the people of the Middle East and North Africa.

SAT-7 TÜRK now on government regulated satellite!

We are delighted to announce that SAT-7 TÜRK is the first and only Christian channel on the Turkish government regulated Türksat 4A satellite. More than 50 million viewers in Turkey and many more Turkish speaking viewers in Europe and Central Asia will be able to watch SAT-7 TÜRK on satellite. SAT-7 TÜRK went live on Türksat on Monday 16 February.

“We are overwhelmed and truly believe it is a miracle that we can finally broadcast on Türksat. We are very thankful to God for what he has been doing. We rejoice in the decision of the Turkish authorities and join all Turkish Christians in giving thanks for this historic development," says Melih Ekener, Executive Director of SAT-7 TÜRK.

It is a huge step forward. Until now, SAT-7 TÜRK has shared satellite time on other SAT-7 channels and more recently broadcast 24/7 on the Internet – reaching a small audience because of limited Internet access in Turkey.

“Türksat 4A is the most popular satellite with the largest audience in Turkey reaching more than 50 million viewers and wider audiences in Central Asia, Europe and the Middle East. We are ready for this launch even though, at this point, we only have a total staff of 20 people. We will make it!” effused an enthusiastic Melih Ekener.

The staff produced 360 hours of new programming in 2014, but this is expected to increase dramatically in 2015.
Christianity has deep roots in Turkey’s history. Unfortunately this is often overlooked and many people have been fed misinformation and carry misperceptions about Christ, Christianity and its important influence in early Turkish history.

“Launching (SAT-7 on Türksat) really made me happy. Many people in my family believe different faiths, and I strongly believe that, through your programmes, I will explain my faith in a better way. ”
SAT-7 viewer from Istanbul.

“For those who do not know the context and history of Turkey this might not come across as a historic moment, but it really is. There are now only around 150,000 Christians in Turkey, and a television channel that is produced by them, serving their own communities and airing programmes about the significant Christian heritage of the country would not have been possible a decade ago. This shows how much Turkey has changed and, even in the midst of often disturbing news we read about Turkey, there are some great things going on,” says Melih Ekener.

Dr Terence Ascott, the Founder and Chief Executive Officer at SAT-7 said, “So many things have miraculously fallen into place over the past few months that it is impossible to miss the hand of God in facilitating the start of SAT-7 TÜRK broadcasting on Türksat. We give God the praise for this exciting development, and also recognise the signal this sends to the world about the Turkish authorities’ positive attitude towards Christians and other minorities in the country.”

Murdered Christians’ brother speaks on SAT-7

Imagine thanking the killers of two of your brothers who were beheaded and video taped for the whole world to watch the barbaric cruelty. Yet, this is exactly what the brother of two of the 21 Egyptian Christians did when Islamic State murdered them in Libya last month. With amazing grace comes amazing faith. Speaking on SAT-7 ARABIC’s programme We will sing, just a day after hearing the terrible news, Beshir Kamel said that he was proud of his brothers Bishoy Estafanos Kamel (25) and Samuel Estafanos Kamel (23) because they were “a badge of honour to Christianity”. (Watch video below)


Beshir went on to say, “ISIS gave us more than we asked when they didn’t edit out the part where [our brothers] declared their faith”.

Harrowing scenes of the murders have been seen around the world. The last words of some of those killed were “Ya Rabbi Yasou” (My Lord Jesus Christ).

Beshir said this had strengthened not only his own faith but also the families of the ex-patriate workers, who were “congratulating one another” and are not in despair.

Beshir prayed on air for the ISIS members who had murdered his brothers saying, “Dear God, please open their eyes to be saved and to quit their ignorance and the wrong teachings they were taught.”

Poem in response to brutal killings

After viewing ISIS' horrific video of the brutal killings, Dr Shady George, a poet and presenter on SAT-7, wrote a poem called 'Two Rows' which SAT-7 then made into a video for broadcasting. Watch it below.

Myriam's song

At christmas time, when Essam Nagy, the presenter of Why is that?, one of SAT-7 KIDS most popular shows, visited Iraqi Christian refugees in Kurdistan who'd fled their homes when ISIS took control of their area in mid 2014, he was expecting to find a sad and depressed community. Instead he fond people of vibrant faith in Jesus.

Myriam is 10 years old and an avid viewer of SAT-7 KIDS. She's a strong Christian and sang this worship song to Essam which was then broadcast on the show for children across the Middle East to hear. Please pray for Myriam and the refugees who have suffered much because of ISIS' brutality. Watch Myriam's song below.

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March 2015

Thank God that, after many months of difficult negotiations, SAT-7 TÜRK is now broadcasting on Türksat!

Ask God to give wisdom to Melih and his team in Istanbul as SAT-7 TÜRK is now able to reach a much wider audience than previously on the Internet and will attract more attention. Pray that they will be a great encouragement to Turkish Christians and a good witness to those of other faiths.

Praise God that the Turkish government gave permission for a Christian TV station to broadcast on Türksat, which they own.

Praise God that SAT-7 TÜRK is already receiving very positive feedback from viewers of its new satellite channel.

Pray for the families of the Egyptian Christians murdered by ISIS in Libya and that their witness will impact the lives of many people.

Pray for Christians in Egypt, especially Upper Egypt where those murdered in Libya came from, who are experiencing increased intimidation, threats and even killings within their own villages and towns.