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SAT-7 provides the Church of the Middle East and North Africa with an opportunity to witness for Jesus Christ through inspirational, informative and educational television and online broadcasts 24/7.  Prayer is at the centre of our work.

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Desperate for Good News

"...The angel said to them, 'Do not be afraid. I bring you good news of great joy that will be for all the people.'" Luke 2:10

The headlines coming out of the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) are a constant stream of violence, terror and despair. The people of this blighted region are desperate for good news and, as we approach Christmas, we are mindful of the unique opportunity SAT-7 has to bring the Good News directly into the homes of Arab families.

On 15 November, SAT-7’s new studio in Lebanon was officially opened and nearly 400 people were there for the celebration of this landmark occasion. Having outgrown our rented studio spaces, this purpose-built facility will enable us to expand and improve our output of programmes at a time when the people of MENA are in such need of Gospel hope. We will be able to bring our Lebanon productions under one roof, increasing our efficiency and cost-effectiveness. We are very grateful to the donor who enabled us to complete the new studio and give all the glory to God for the expansion of SAT-7’s ministry.

Christian festivals impact thousands in Egypt

'Draw me after you and I will run' was the theme of a major Christian festival in Egypt attended by 10,000 people and broadcast live by SAT-7. Onething, which is organised by the country’s largest Evangelical Church, Kasr el Dobara, is aimed at committed Christians who are seeking greater depth in their relationship with God. The festival took place between 23 and 25 October with each day featuring three teaching and worship sessions.

Nancy, a blogger in Egypt for SAT-7's sister website Wazala, reported on the festival. She said: “What a blessing it is to be able to worship the Lord amongst thousands physically and millions via satellite and YouTube in a nation that lies in the heart of a region in despair! Christians in our neighbouring countries are being forced out of their homes or killed for the sake of Christ and we are still blessed to be able to worship amongst thousands!” 

Onething clearly grabbed people’s interest on SAT-7, attracting more than 650,000 responses on our social media pages. The event comes hot off the heels of the Count it Right festival, which is also in Egypt but has broader appeal; it is aimed more at nominal Christians and those from non-Christian backgrounds. This festival, which took place between 3-7 October, attracted around 10,000 people on each of the four days with hundreds coming to faith in Christ. SAT-7 also broadcast from Count it Right and posted videos and photos of the event on YouTube and Facebook, which provoked over 1.1 million interactions.

SAT-7 returns to Kurdistan to interview refugees

A crew from SAT-7’s current affairs programme Bridges is planning to return to Kurdistan this month to interview Christians and others who have been driven from their homes in Iraq by ‘Islamic State’ militants.

They spent a few days there in September gathering footage for two special editions of the programme. Iraqi Christians testified to the strength of their faith in the midst of terrible suffering. An Egyptian viewer was so moved by their stories that he donated $500 – the equivalent of two months’ wages.

As winter descends, the Bridges crew wants to find out how the refugees are coping and keep viewers mindful of their plight to encourage prayer. But they also want to capture positive stories about how people are supporting each other.

Programming manager George Makeen said: “This will be the first year displaced Iraqis will be away from their homes. We will look for stories of people who refuse to see themselves as victims but who are trying to bring change in the situations where they find themselves, for example, if they have begun a school.”

“Thank you very much for your prayers for Iraq, we really need it Saints of God. God bless you.”
SAT-7 viewer

He said that the crew was surprised by what they discovered on their last visit. A group of Christians had written an incredibly powerful song in response to their property being daubed with the Arabic letter N for “Nazarene”. The lyrics explained what it truly means to be a “Nazarene” or Christian: “to love, to build, to believe, to teach, to be peaceful, graceful, to understand and to forgive.” 

The new footage will be used across programming throughout December.

SAT-7 counsellors help answer viewers’ questions

Interacting with viewers and helping to answer their spiritual questions is central to SAT-7’s ministry. One of our audience relations centres recently received a call from a young Iranian woman, “Sara”.

She described an encounter from eight years ago, which watching SAT-7 PARS had brought back to mind. A stranger sat next to her on the bus had subtly slipped Sara a letter as she departed explaining the Gospel and how she could come to know Christ.

“It is 7 months since I gave my heart to Jesus Christ. I’m too lonely in my faith and I am scared to talk with anyone and the only strength of my heart is your programmes and this helps me a lot in my loneliness. God bless you.”
                     Viewer from Iran

Moved by the recollection of the letter’s message, Sara called the phone number on the screen. The SAT-7 counsellor answered Sara’s questions about the Gospel and helped connect her with other Christians.

SAT-7 PARS offers engaging, relevant, and Biblically-sound programmes for people of all ages and levels of Christian understanding. It is a real life line for those who cannot go to church.

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December 2014

Give thanks for the impact of both the Onething and Count it Right festivals in Egypt. Pray that the teaching people received will continue to bear fruit in their lives over the months ahead.

Pray for those in other Arab countries who watched SAT-7’s coverage of the festivals on TV or online. Pray that they will have been encouraged to share in the events from afar.

Pray for the Lord’s protection over the Bridges crew as they travel to and around Kurdistan.

Pray that the refugees will be encouraged by SAT-7’s visit and that their stories will have a spiritual impact across the region. Pray that they will have adequate shelter for the winter.

Give thanks that SAT-7 PARS makes the message of Christ available to Farsi speakers in Iran, Afghanistan and Tajikistan, where most people would otherwise not have access to Christian teaching.

Pray for Sara and others who have come to faith in Christ through SAT-7’s ministry. Pray that they will grow strong in their faith.

Give thanks for SAT-7’s new studio in Lebanon. Pray that as it enables our programming to increase, so will our audience.