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SAT-7 provides the Church of the Middle East and North Africa with an opportunity to witness for Jesus Christ through inspirational, informative and educational television and online broadcasts 24/7.  Prayer is at the centre of our work.

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Gaining trust

"Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have. But do this with gentleness and respect.”  1 Peter 3:15

“I always wondered how a Christian channel became popular in a country like Saudi [Arabia],” Nasser, a caller on a live SAT-7 youth programme, told the hosts. He continued, “When I asked people who follow it, I found the channel gained their trust by keeping [a] respectful approach.”

He said there are many other Arabic channels that people don’t watch because of their negativity, adding, “As for SAT-7, its social programmes, positive attitude, and attractive programmes are all really great…

“SAT-7 gained the trust of families and they feel safe to watch it with their kids.”

Nasser’s message was a great encouragement to us because we have always been very intentional about presenting the Christian message in an attractive and positive way; we are careful not to attack other religions and stir up conflict. Given the sensitive context in which SAT-7 broadcasts, we are very aware that being critical and confrontational will only cause viewers to switch channels. The positive approach works, as our 15 million-strong audience demonstrates!

Talking man-to-man with Arab husbands and fathers

A straight-talking programme on SAT-7 ARABIC is helping men to be godly husbands and fathers, even in the most testing of situations. Men’s Talk covers topics that Middle Eastern men would not normally discuss openly, offering support and advice, as well as a challenge.

The show’s hosts - a clinical psychologist, a corporate trainer with a finance background, and a social worker - have found a way to connect with their audience on all kinds of issues, including fighting temptation, leadership, work ethics, grief and domestic abuse.

With civil war and terrorism affecting many SAT-7 viewers, a recent episode of Men's Talk explored how to protect your children emotionally and spiritually in contexts of violence (see clip below).

Dr. Issam Smeir, the clinical psychologist, said: “Imagine this: a war zone with bombings and loud noises everywhere, a father who gathers his children around him, opens a Bible and starts reading an encouraging story. What an example for the children! To surrender to God and let him care for us… ”

“What happens is that in times of war, children have nowhere to go and be safe except with their parents and with God. So the spiritual aspect plays a big role in healing.”

Men’s Talk has a lighter side too. A studio jazz trio creates a relaxed vibe in between chat segments, and practical reports demonstrate everyday skills varying from how to survive an interview to how to buy a second-hand car.

This year the team has increased the interactivity of the show by developing its Facebook page. The producer said: “People are requesting prayers, telling us topics they want to hear about; it’s been really helpful. Sometimes you find these people who really have no one and so they turn to these pages to find someone who will pray for them. It’s so heart-breaking that you are the only person they can turn to.”

 Watch clip from 'War and Trauma' episode:

Live weekly programme attracts Afghan viewers

As Afghanistan marked its 96th Independence Day on 19 August, SAT-7 offered viewers an alternative to the nationalistic message.

A special edition of Secret of Life, a Dari language magazine show, presented an eternal perspective to viewers, who are increasingly desperate for peace in their troubled homeland.

Shoaib Ebadi, who hosts the programme with his wife Mariam, said: “We celebrate the day in a different way. Most Afghans believe that they are patriots or lovers of their country, but we say that we are worshippers of God and God-lovers”.

Shoaib unpacked this further in a ten-minute devotion, which included a prayer for the nation of Afghanistan. Secret of Life has been shedding light on everyday issues from a Christian perspective for three years. During that time, security in Afghanistan has deteriorated as most foreign troops have withdrawn. Despite presidential elections and a new national unity government this year, violence has reached new levels.

SAT-7 PARS has 20,306 Facebook fans in Afghanistan!
Here, they can watch clips from programmes and respond to inspiring biblical and other Christian content.


Against this challenging backdrop, the audience for Secret of Life’s mix of spiritual and practical wisdom is growing. Since the show went live every week at the start of 2015, it has had “a tremendous response from viewers”, according to SAT-7 PARS Deputy Executive Director, Nikoo Ordodary.

Two episodes earlier this year discussed the lynching in March of a young woman falsely accused of burning a Quran – a killing that subsequently brought thousands onto the streets in protest. Other topics have included managing stress, a Christian view of fate and magic, the purpose of life, and Jesus the Messiah.

Compassion for Turkish women fuels ministry

“I believe the Lord has enabled me to hear their cries and called me to listen to them.” This is how the host of a new show for women on SAT-7 TÜRK described her ministry.

Madelen Özcelik has been ministering to women in Turkey for most of her adult life; experience that will be invaluable as she presents Womanly twice a week, starting this month.

She said: “I came to faith at 18, got married and had three boys. From those early days, my heart has been filled with compassion for women in Turkey who are struggling.”

"I didn't have any hope about life. One day, I came across your channel on satellite. At first, I didn't understand what you were talking about, but later I realised Jesus was different to what I had been taught. I always feel excited whenever I watch you, and I feel like things have been changing since then.”
                        A 22-year-old woman from Erdine, Turkey

Madelen and her husband have travelled throughout the country over their years together, ministering through prayer and encouragement to church leaders and their families.

Womanly is a talk show, which Madelen anticipates will be helpful to Christian women of all ages, as well as resonating with a wider audience of Turkish women.

She said: “We initiate discussions with guests on our programme. These unscripted conversations enable topics to arise from a particular experience shared by one of our guests, tackling the challenges of living by faith. Each issue raised gives testimony to God’s preserving power on life’s journey.”


September 2015

Give thanks that Middle Eastern men are engaging with the issues discussed on Men’s Talk.

Pray especially for husbands and fathers who are living in war zones. Pray that they will be a strong spiritual and emotional support for their families.

Praise God that people in Afghanistan are hearing and responding to the Good News via satellite TV and social media.

Pray for the Afghan government as they try to get to grips with the country’s security problems. Pray that many in the country will find comfort in the Prince of Peace.

Pray for Madelen as she begins presenting Womanly; give thanks for her compassionate heart, and pray that God will use her to minister to female viewers across Turkey.

Pray for resources and creativity for the SAT-7 TÜRK team as they try to expand the channel’s programming on a very tight budget.

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