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Do you want to see change in the Middle East and North Africa?  God is using SAT-7 to bring about change and you can be part of it.  We need Christians in the UK to pray for and support this amazing and unique ministry, and we need Volunteer Ambassadors to help us encourage them to do so.  By joining the SAT-7 Ambassador team you will enable SAT-7 to continue to make and broadcast transforming Christian TV programmes.  You will be making a lasting impact on the lives of millions.

People have different gifts, experience and amounts of time available.  So, our Ambassador programme is flexible, enabling you to use your skills and allowing you to decide how much time you can give to the work.  We are certain we have a role that will fit you perfectly.  There are six different types of Ambassador.  The only requirement for all of them is that you are a committed Christian.

1. Church Ambassadors - encourage your local fellowship to pray and support SAT-7's strategic ministry.   You could do this within your university or college CU too!

2. Speaker Ambassadors - inspire Christians across the UK by telling them about the life changing work of SAT-7.

3. Prayer Ambassadors – commit yourself to praying earnestly and regularly for this vital ministry and encourage your friends and family to join you.

4. Events Ambassadors - organise entertaining events which will get people interested in the work of SAT-7.

5. Fundraising Ambassadors – think of innovative ways of raising funds so programme makers can use their creativity to reach millions.

6. Regional Ambassador - represent SAT-7 across a wider area helping to introduce the work to new churches and Christian groups.

Ask God if He is moving you to join us.  You won’t be joining a faceless organisation; you will be part of a team of great people impacting real lives across one of the most spiritually needy areas of the world.

Find out more

To find out more read our Ambassador Programme Brochure or contact us if you want to chat to someone on our team.

An ambassador's story

Read the story of David Coles, a SAT-7 regional ambassador in Kent.  

Volunteer shows others open door to closed lands

Read how a SAT-7 church ambassador is sharing her enthusiasm for SAT-7

Read how SAT-7 ambassador Gillian Crawford galvanised her church to raise hundreds of pounds for SAT-7 from a quiz night.

Short-term service with our international office

SAT-7 has a variety of opportunities at our international headquarters in Nicosia, Cyprus. Placements vary from a few weeks to several months and are available to those with skills to fit a particular need. Find out more

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Yalla! - For Your Children’s Group

Yalla! is an interactive pack for children aged 6-10 helping them to find out about SAT-7 KIDS. It is ideal for use in Junior Church, order your free copy here.

viewer quotes

"I have Christian roots and it makes me really happy that I’m able to watch a Christian channel without any problem. So I’m tuning in and watching from early each morning in order to understand Christianity. What better way to spend your retirement could there be? Thank you so much. "

Retired teacher in Turkey

"I started to read the Bible and to watch SAT-7 PARS. Gradually I felt some difference in my heart and realised that I love God. This even changed my mind on emigrating. Therefore I stayed in Iran and now I am one of your viewers. Your programmes are the only source I have to build my faith."

A viewer in Tehran

""Dear brothers and sisters, I live in Azerbaijan and I am the only Christian where I live. I really like this channel and it encourages me so much. May God keep blessing you." "

SAT-7 TÜRK viewer

"SAT-7 reaches our family in this desert to give us hope where there is none. Our kids know Jesus through you and the miracles he is doing... Through this small TV screen, you reach our heart, we hear the news of Heaven and you give us relief, we feel home where we don't feel it and know we have a Big family in Christ, caring and praying and working."

A family in Saudi Arabia

"I would like to thank each one who works on my favourite channel, SAT-7. You are the source of blessing to my life. I pray that the Lord bless you and use you more for His glory."

A Syrian woman

"I am touched by the sermons that I’m watching every Friday. I’m not able to go to church but God has opened a door for me to attend a church service in my house every week! I never thought that one day I would see bold Algerians worshipping the Lord and not afraid to be shown on TV."

An Algerian viewer

"My family and I came to Christ and we are big fans and regular viewers of SAT-7. God bless you."

Man from Morocco

"I am a regular viewer of the programme 'From Me to You'. I am so blessed and my spirit gets lifted up by your prayers, songs and sharing. Thank you for today's topic. We really need to change. And may the Lord work in us more and more for His glory. "

SAT-7 ARABIC viewer in the Holy Land

"Yesterday evening I came across you while channel surfing. I watched a couple of very nice programmes. I especially liked the movie explaining the Prophet Abraham's life. I had previously read the Bible, but I do not really understand, are you able to help me?"

Student in Turkey

"“A friend gave me a Bible, and I bought a satellite dish to watch your programmes. I gave my heart to Jesus. Pray for me to learn more about Christianity.”"

An Iranian viewer

"Finally, a Syrian programme has come to us! May God bless you and use you to the glory of His name."

A viewer of 'Just for You'

"I am a big fan a regular viewer of your wonderful channel, SAT-7 programmes."

Male viewer, Morocco

"I would like to thank you for your marvellous efforts in serving our children. Enough to say that we leave them in front of SAT-7 KIDS with full trust of your commitment to supplement our parenting."

Parent in Egypt

"Although I am not a Christian, because of you I am becoming closer to God."

Viewer in Kuwait

"Five years ago I started seeking for the truth in different religions. I was lost, confused and wanted to reach out to God. I really needed comfort and peace. Thank God I found peace and the truth through the programmes and the songs on my favourite channel SAT-7."

A woman from Saudi Arabia

"I'm Maya, 3 and a half years old from Amman, watching your bedtime story every night and can't go to bed before listening to your stories. Mama also watching with me."

From a young child in Jordan