SAT-7 Exhibiting at New Wine 2014

Please pray for the UK team as we prepare to exhibit at New Wine (, Shepton Mallet, at the end of July and beginning of August (Week 1: 26 July -1 August; Week 2: 3-9 August). Come and visit us ..

Upcoming Events


Bristol: Woodlands Church on September 27th
Kent: Bromley Baptist Church on October 4th

Encounter Middle East culture without leaving the UK by coming to SAT-7’s Middle East experience events. A host of fun, interactive, engaging activities for the whole family that will give you a taste of Middle East culture and help you to understand more of life in this fascinating region.

PARS UK Studio Tours

Following an extensive period of rebuilding ad refitting, we are delighted to offer tours of the London studio. SAT-7's UK studio produces and broadcasts programmes for Christians across the Persian-speaking world.