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On air school will help refugee children learn again

On air school will help refugee Syrian and Iraqi children learn again Maths teacher Shams teaches Saad teaches some basic addition SAT-7 has launched a new on-air school to enable displaced Syrian and Ir..


Archbishop of Canterbury shares his heart for Middle East on SAT-7

The Archbishop of Canterbury recorded a message of solidarity for Middle East Christians last week when he was interviewed by SAT-7's Forbidden programme The Archbishop of Canterbury, Most Revd Justin Welby, has s..


Videos of Christians forgiving IS go viral in Arab world

SAT-7 Egypt Director sees impact of "Resistance through forgiveness" The videos of a ten-year-old Iraqi displaced by IS (Islamic State) and of a brother of two Egyptian labourers beheaded in Libya both voicing forg..


Brother of Egyptian Christians murdered by Islamic State prays for killers live on SAT-7

The brother of two of the 21 Coptic Christians murdered in Libya, last night used live television to thank their killers for including the men's declaration of faith in the video of their execution. Christian channel SAT..


SAT-7 T√úRK becomes first Christian channel on national satellite

Christian channel SAT-7 TÜRK has begun broadcasting on the government-regulated Türksat 4A satellite. The transmissions are an historic step allowing more than 50 million viewers in Turkey and many more Turkish..


Scribbles gets kids fizzing with visual creativity

A new live SAT-7 KIDS show from Cairo is getting youngsters fizzing with creativity. In a society that doesn’t privilege childhood, Uncle Monir’s Scribbles (in Arabic, Shakhabeet Amo Monir ) has begun bringin..


SAT-7 founder: Why I am not Charlie

As debate continues over the extents and limits of freedom of expression following January's terrorist attacks in Paris, Terence Ascott, International Chief Executive of SAT-7, gives his views on how to use our freedom w..


Show helps Iranian viewers get fit for a new year

SAT-7 PARS will help viewers to make 2015 a more active and healthy year via the channel's first sports magazine, Today in Sports (in Farsi, "Emrooz ba Varzesh"). Presenter Nader Tagizadeh calls viewers to get phy..


"You are free to change your faith - we respect you"

Forbidden programme breaks new ground in promoting religious freedom Forbidden (“Mamnou’a” in Arabic) is a SAT-7 ARABIC programme that addresses sensitive and sometimes controversial Arab cultural t..


Love is in the air - but will it last?

Florists and chocolatiers everywhere will experience a rush on their goods this weekend, as the romantically inclined celebrate Valentine's Day."Heart's Day ("..


Dancing with refugees

What is it like for families to live as refugees without schools or work to go to and only canvas between you and the elements? SAT-7 Lebanon producer Johnny Jalek set out to answer these questions for his viewers when h..


Celebrating Christmas with Iraqi refugees

”They are so full of hope.” Essam Nagy, SAT-7 KIDS presenter Christmas has not been cancelled in Kurdistan, where tens of thousands of Iraqi Christians are living as refugees — and SAT-7 is sharing in t..

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