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“Surprising” response from viewers in SAT-7 TÜRK’s first year

As SAT-7 TÜRK marks its first anniversary of broadcasting on Turkey’s national satellite, the channel’s director has shared his surprise at the positive response it has received from viewers. Su..


Confiscated SAT-7 equipment returned

On 28 January the authorities in Egypt returned all confiscated equipment to the SAT-7 studio in Cairo, more than three months after its seizure by the country's Censorship Police. The equipment was received back in ..


Turkish pastors call for peace in Kurdish region

Twelve Turkish pastors met last month with regional officials and urged all involved in the region’s escalated violence to “take steps out of this frightening whirlwind” to make peace. Clash..


Breaking news: Confiscated equipment returned to SAT-7’s Egypt studio

Yesterday afternoon we heard the wonderful news that all the equipment confiscated from SAT-7’s Egypt studio by the authorities in October has been returned. Above: Joyful team members in Cairo take delivery..


Powerful witness of faith and unity in war-torn Iraq

Powerful witness of faith and unity in war-torn Iraq In the midst of the violence and instability that continues to beset Iraq, Christians from different churches came together for a three-night “Prayer for Pea..


Middle East Christians – more visible than ever before

The presence and beliefs of Christians in the Middle East are now more visible and more accessible to the region’s people than ever before, according to the founder and Executive Director of Christian TV network SA..


Faith rises from the rubble of Old Homs, Syria in SAT-7 Christmas broadcast

In one bomb-struck church a manger and Christmas tree are dug out from the rubble. In another, where only the walls remain standing, weddings and communion are being held under an open sky. “We ..


Revisiting the girl who forgave ISIS

Iraqi Refugee Child’s Startling Message to World Leaders An 11-year-old Iraqi refugee whose video message of forgiveness for Islamic State (IS) went viral worldwide has given startling advice on how world l..


Gospel media campaign reveals power to change in Lebanon

In a month when suicide bombers killed 43 civilians on the streets of Beirut, residents of the Lebanese capital also had the opportunity to hear far better news in a ground-breaking Gospel media campaign. Above: D..


Update on SAT-7 Egypt for your prayers

29 January 2016 BREAKING NEWS Yesterday afternoon we heard the wonderful news that all the equipment confiscated by the authorities in October from our Egypt Office was returned. We know many people worldwide have be..


55 years after closure Turkish Protestant church reopens 50 kilometres from IS territory

Christians of all denominations have celebrated the reopening of a Protestant church only 50 kilometres from where churches have been bombed by so-called Islamic State (IS). Located just 30 kilometres from t..


SAT-7 and Good News Team hold united night of prayer for Middle East in Cairo

Egypt Church leaders join hundreds in prayer for victims of Middle East conflict at American University in Cairo Around 800 young people and families of many Middle East denominations joined to pray for this war-torn..


Day of Prayer joins in the cry of the refugee

As the tide of conflict and emigration continues in the Middle East and parts of the region increasingly empty of Christians, SAT-7 is calling Christians to pray for the region and its TV ministry of strengthening the Ch..


Televised conference in the desert energises faith in Egypt

A Christian youth festival in Egypt was so packed that people were “squashed in the aisles”, but that did not deter the spiritually hungry crowd! The sixth annual OneThing festival in Wadi el Natroun ..


Urgent prayers requested for SAT-7 Egypt team

On Saturday 10th October, Officers from Egypt’s Censorship Department came to the SAT-7 studios with a search warrant and removed items of equipment, including cameras and computers used for editing. The Office..


From Rumi to rap - SAT-7 PARS mixes rhyme ancient and modern to confront social issues

PARS poetry series features Iranian Christian rapper as it targets tough topics Persian poets are among Iran’s most celebrated figures. It is said that every Iranian home has a copy of the poetry of Hafez. A..


Standing room only at remote Algerian church

How early would you be willing to get out of bed to go to church on a Sunday morning? New believers in remote communities in Algeria have to get up at 5am to get transport up to the mountains for their weekly service - b..


Offering much-needed hope on Independence Day in Afghanistan

As Afghanistan prepares to mark its 96th Independence Day (19 August 2015), a special edition of SAT-7 PARS’ Secret of Life programme will offer hope to viewers who are increasingly desperate for peace. SAT-..


Needle and Thread exposes racism in Egypt

SAT-7 ARABIC women’s magazine Needle and Thread ventured into new grounds last month when it dedicated an episode to discuss the problems facing Sudanese refugees in Egypt, especially discrimination, exploitati..


SAT-7 KIDS team inspired by orphans in South Sudan

Team inspired by youngsters’ faith and joy Meeting people who have suffered gravely but who continue to praise God generously is always humbling - and especially so when they are children. In war-ravaged..


SAT-7 joins A World at School education campaign

SAT-7 JOINS A WORLD AT SCHOOL AS PART OF REGIONAL FIGHT AGAINST ISIS INDOCTRINATION OF CHILDREN 15m children in Middle East already out of school; 6m more may follow At the start of UN International Refugee Week, SAT..


UK premiere for feature film inspired by the suffering church in Iran

SAT-7 PARS will host the UK premiere cinema screening of the feature film Closure at the Odeon, High Barnet, London EN5 1A on Saturday 13 June at 7.00 pm. Based on recent events taking place in Iran, Closure is a sto..


SAT-7 TÜRK makes headlines in Turkish media

Melih Ekener (centre) and Broadcasting Manager Gökhan Talas (left) are interviewed by Mirgün Cabas on CNN Türk The recent launch of SAT-7 TÜRK, the latest addition to SAT-7’s now fiv..


Child refugees who fled ISIS reunited by SAT-7

Best friends Myriam (10) and Sandra (9), who were driven from their homes in Iraq by so-called Islamic State (IS) last year and ended up in different countries, were brought together on a live SAT-7 KIDS show. The youngs..


New Opportunity concert reaches thousands

Christ’s offer of new life and a fresh start was the theme of a special concert organised by SAT-7 in Egypt. Almost 3,000 people attended with thousands more watching on TV and online. The New Opportunity..


SAT-7 Airs Foot Washing Service at Roumieh Prison

The whole of creation belongs to God and this Easter season SAT-7 ARABIC proves you don’t have to be inside a church building to worship. While SAT-7 will air Easter celebrations from churches around the Middle..


On air school will help refugee children learn again

On air school will help refugee Syrian and Iraqi children learn again Maths teacher Shams explains basic addition SAT-7 has launched a new on-air school to enable displaced Syrian and Iraqi children whos..


Archbishop of Canterbury shares his heart for Middle East on SAT-7

The Archbishop of Canterbury recorded a message of solidarity for Middle East Christians last week when he was interviewed by SAT-7's Forbidden programme The Archbishop of Canterbury, Most Revd Justin Welby, has s..


Videos of Christians forgiving IS go viral in Arab world

SAT-7 Egypt Director sees impact of "Resistance through forgiveness" The videos of a ten-year-old Iraqi displaced by IS (Islamic State) and of a brother of two Egyptian labourers beheaded in Libya both voicing forg..


Brother of Egyptian Christians murdered by Islamic State prays for killers live on SAT-7

The brother of two of the 21 Coptic Christians murdered in Libya, last night used live television to thank their killers for including the men's declaration of faith in the video of their execution. Christian channel SAT..


SAT-7 TÜRK becomes first Christian channel on national satellite

Christian channel SAT-7 TÜRK has begun broadcasting on the government-regulated Türksat 4A satellite. The transmissions are an historic step allowing more than 50 million viewers in Turkey and many more Turkish..


Scribbles gets kids fizzing with visual creativity

A new live SAT-7 KIDS show from Cairo is getting youngsters fizzing with creativity. In a society that doesn’t privilege childhood, Uncle Monir’s Scribbles (in Arabic, Shakhabeet Amo Monir ) has begun bringin..


SAT-7 founder: Why I am not Charlie

As debate continues over the extents and limits of freedom of expression following January's terrorist attacks in Paris, Terence Ascott, International Chief Executive of SAT-7, gives his views on how to use our freedom w..


Show helps Iranian viewers get fit for a new year

SAT-7 PARS will help viewers to make 2015 a more active and healthy year via the channel's first sports magazine, Today in Sports (in Farsi, "Emrooz ba Varzesh"). Presenter Nader Tagizadeh calls viewers to get phy..


Then, now and next: SAT-7 marks 20th anniversary!

Then, now and next: SAT-7 marks 20th anniversary! 2016 marks 20 years since SAT-7’s first-ever broadcast – 20 years of making God’s love visible to millions of people across the Middle East an..


I Beg to Differ: new Iranian series models healthy communication

You could help save a marriage, prevent a fight between neighbours, or even heal a divided church. Your support for SAT-7 enables the SAT-7 PARS channel to air a new programme teaching Farsi speakers how to manage diffic..


Upper Egypt village opens homes and hearts to Christ in Star in a Village

For a second year, SAT-7 arranged a Star in a Village Christmas concert that is set to be a talking point for years to come in a traditional Upper Egypt town. Balconies and roofs overflowed with onlookers and two thousan..


'Passion of the Christ' musician brings a Gulf flavour to 'We Will Sing'

A Palestinian musician who played on the soundtrack of the film The Passion of the Christ joined SAT-7’s weekly We Will Sing hymns programme recently. Playing the oud and singing a number of songs he had composed, ..


Straight talking to Arab men

It’s a truism that Middle East societies are male-led and patriarchal. But how do you enable those men to lead well - to lead as people who will serve their families wisely and thoughtfully as well as seek to succe..

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