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Satellite TV still the only visual medium that can get into Middle East homes without censorship

A record number of people who gathered to mark the 20th anniversary of Christian broadcaster SAT-7 heard how satellite TV remains the most effective medium to share Christian hope in the Middle East and North Africa...


SAT-7 urges prayer for Turkey after latest bombing

Christian satellite TV broadcaster SAT-7 has appealed for prayer for Turkey following Sunday’s terrorist bombing in Ankara and as the country faces a multiplication of crises. “Turkey is facing a time ..


Tens of thousands of Iranians view Bible online

Iranian seekers have stunned the Farsi language channel of Christian satellite TV network SAT-7 with their overwhelming response to a chat room launched on Telegram, a new secure messaging app. SAT-7 is being i..


Astonishing response from viewers in SAT-7 TÜRK's first year

Astonishing response from viewers in SAT-7 TÜRK's first year As SAT-7 TÜRK marks its first anniversary of broadcasting on Turkey's national satellite, the channel's director has shared his surprise at the p..


Confiscated SAT-7 equipment returned

On 28 January the authorities in Egypt returned all confiscated equipment to the SAT-7 studio in Cairo, more than three months after its seizure by the country's Censorship Police. The equipment was received back in ..


Fresh reshaping of political alliances key to Middle East in 2016, says SAT-7

The fresh reshaping of alliances in the Middle East will be a major factor that decides what happens in the region in 2016, from dealing with so-called Islamic State (IS) to determining the future of Syria, says Midd..


Middle East Christians – more visible than ever before

The presence and beliefs of Christians in the Middle East are now more visible and more accessible to the region’s people than ever before, according to the founder and Executive Director of Christian TV network SA..


Faith rises from the rubble of Old Homs, Syria in SAT-7 Christmas broadcast

In one bomb-struck church a manger and Christmas tree are dug out from the rubble. In another, where only the walls remain standing, weddings and communion are being held under an open sky. “We ..


Revisiting Myriam - the girl who forgave ISIS

Iraqi Refugee Child’s Startling Message to World Leaders An 11-year-old Iraqi refugee whose video message of forgiveness for Islamic State (IS) went viral worldwide has given startling advice on how world l..


Gospel media campaign reveals power to change in Lebanon

In a month when suicide bombers killed 43 civilians on the streets of Beirut, residents of the Lebanese capital also had the opportunity to hear far better news in a ground-breaking Gospel media campaign. Above: D..


55 years after closure Turkish Protestant church reopens 50 kilometres from IS territory

Christians of all denominations have celebrated the reopening of a Protestant church only 50 kilometres from where churches have been bombed by so-called Islamic State (IS). Located just 30 kilometres from t..


SAT-7 and Good News Team hold united night of prayer for Middle East in Cairo

Egypt Church leaders join hundreds in prayer for victims of Middle East conflict at American University in Cairo Around 800 young people and families of many Middle East denominations joined to pray for this war-torn..


Televised conference in the desert energises faith in Egypt

A Christian youth festival in Egypt was so packed that people were “squashed in the aisles”, but that did not deter the spiritually hungry crowd! The sixth annual OneThing festival in Wadi el Natroun ..


Urgent prayers requested for SAT-7 Egypt team

On Saturday 10th October, Officers from Egypt’s Censorship Department came to the SAT-7 studios with a search warrant and removed items of equipment, including cameras and computers used for editing. The Office..


SAT-7 joins A World at School education campaign

SAT-7 JOINS A WORLD AT SCHOOL AS PART OF REGIONAL FIGHT AGAINST ISIS INDOCTRINATION OF CHILDREN 15m children in Middle East already out of school; 6m more may follow At the start of UN International Refugee Week, SAT..


UK premiere for feature film inspired by the suffering church in Iran

SAT-7 PARS will host the UK premiere cinema screening of the feature film Closure at the Odeon, High Barnet, London EN5 1A on Saturday 13 June at 7.00 pm. Based on recent events taking place in Iran, Closure is a sto..


SAT-7 TÜRK makes headlines in Turkish media

Melih Ekener (centre) and Broadcasting Manager Gökhan Talas (left) are interviewed by Mirgün Cabas on CNN Türk The recent launch of SAT-7 TÜRK, the latest addition to SAT-7’s now fiv..


On air school will help refugee children learn again

On air school will help refugee Syrian and Iraqi children learn again Maths teacher Shams explains basic addition SAT-7 has launched a new on-air school to enable displaced Syrian and Iraqi children whos..


Archbishop of Canterbury voices “sense of powerlessness” in face of ISIS

Archbishop Justin Welby recorded a message of solidarity for Middle East Christians last week when he was interviewed by SAT-7's Forbidden programme. The Archbishop of Canterbury, Most Revd Justin Welby, has share..


Videos of Christians forgiving IS go viral in Arab world

SAT-7 Egypt Director sees impact of "Resistance through forgiveness" The videos of a ten-year-old Iraqi displaced by IS (Islamic State) and of a brother of two Egyptian labourers beheaded in Libya both voicing forg..


Brother of Egyptian Christians murdered by Islamic State prays for killers live on SAT-7

The brother of two of the 21 Coptic Christians murdered in Libya, last night used live television to thank their killers for including the men's declaration of faith in the video of their execution. Christian channel SAT..


SAT-7 short films win awards

SAT-7 short films win Best Film and Best Actress awards Two short films produced by SAT-7, A Dress and Braids, have won awards at film festivals in Egypt and Mauritania. Both films promote women's rights and raise aw..


Lebanese TV musicians on showing love in a danger zone

Lebanese TV presenters and musicians have shared how Christians in the Middle East are seeking to share the love of Christ to people fleeing conflict and atrocities in Syria and Iraq. Joyce Saddi and Rawad Daou..


Lebanese presidential candidates discuss “Wars and Faith” on SAT-7

Series Airs as Elections Hang in the Balance Marking the occasion of Lebanon’s presidential elections, SAT-7 produced and is airing Wars and Faith (in Arabic, Haroob wa Iman). The powerful 10-episode series feature..


Iranian Christian leader appointed new head of TV channel for Iranians

The Board of SAT-7 PARS (a Christian satellite television ministry broadcasting in the Persian language) has appointed Revd Mansour Khajehpour as the channel's next Executive Director, effective 7 July 2014. Mansour ..


Middle East Christian Broadcaster comes of age!

29 May 2014 On Saturday, 31 May, SAT-7 celebrates a phenomenal 18 years of Christian broadcasting in the Middle East and North Africa. In 1996, SAT-7 began broadcasting just two hours a week from ..


A million Syrian children could be radicalised, SAT-7 CEO warns

“A million refugee children living outside Syria with no real hope are very vulnerable to being radicalised,” the Chief Executive of Christian Middle East broadcaster, SAT-7 has warned. Speaking in Ealin..


Canterbury Reconciliation Director highlights the gift of the Middle East Church and its challenges

Canon David Porter, the Archbishop of Canterbury's Director of Reconciliation was the keynote speaker at "The Untold Story: the Middle East behind the Headlines", a SAT-7-sponsored event in Belfast last Saturday. ..


From Syria to Egypt - a feast of Easter worship for Middle East viewers

In a year when the Easter festival falls at the same time in the Eastern and Western church calendars, Christian satellite TV broadcaster SAT-7 will transmit worship services from all the main denominations and from ..


Record numbers hear how TV brings hope to Middle East

There was a record attendance at last week's annual conference of SAT-7, the Middle East Christian satellite TV broadcaster. Held for the first time in Turkey, from 26-28 March, SAT-7's annual 'Network' conferenc..


26 nations represented at first SAT-7 Network conference in Turkey

SAT-7, the Christian satellite television broadcaster watched by over 15 million Arabic-, Farsi- and Turkish-speaking viewers in the Middle East and North Africa, will hold its annual “Network” conference in ..


SAT-7 sponsors first Dialogue Without Walls film awards

Independent judges award prizes to SAT-7 film-makers A new short film competition designed to promote dialogue across communities in post-Arab Spring countries has been co-sponsored by Christian broadcaster SAT-7. ..


NI peacemaker to highlight importance of Middle East Christians at Belfast event

Canon David Porter, the Archbishop of Canterbury's Director for Reconciliation, will highlight the strategic ministry of Christians in peace-building in the Middle East at an evening event organised by SAT-7 at Belfast B..


New SAT-7 iPhone and Android apps allow Middle Eastern viewers to watch on the move

More Middle Eastern viewers than ever before can now watch SAT-7’s Christian television channels on the go thanks to new iOS apps released in January for Apple iPhones. The new apps come fast on the heels of simila..


SAT-7 to broadcast united service from Damascus on Christmas Day

Last updated 23 December 2013 A united Christian service of prayer in Damascus will be broadcast on satellite television across the Middle East on Christmas Day, 25th December. Christian broadcaster SAT..


Egyptians unite for third national day of prayer

On November 29th, over 6,000 Egyptian Christians gathered for a third annual, National Day of Prayer. Hundreds of thousands more participated through a live television broadcast by the SAT-7 ARABIC channel. Entit..


Egyptian Christians seek God in third national Day of Prayer

Thousands of Egyptian Christians are expected to gather for a third national day of prayer for their country this Friday, 29 November – and hundreds of thousands more will participate through a live television bro..


SAT-7 CEO to tell broadcasters how media is strengthening Christians in a region of violent change

SAT-7 CEO and founder Dr Terence Ascott will be a key speaker at the 2013 conference of the Fellowship of European Broadcasters (FEB) this week as delegates from across the continent consider the challenge “Cha..


Lebanon broadcaster: Middle East needs God's supernatural love

15 October 2013 An "out-of-this-world love and an out-of-this-world faith" are what the Middle East needs at this time, SAT-7 Lebanon Executive Director Naji Daoud told UK audiences as part of SAT-7's "Hope in the Fa..


Despite obstacles SAT-7 airs mega youth conference from heart of Egypt

10 October 2013 Despite obstacles, SAT-7 airs mega youth conference from the heart of Egypt A remarkable gathering of over 10,000 young Christians in Egypt went ahead from 26 to 28 September despite Egypt's..


Christian TV Channel Celebrates Eleven Years of Broadcasting to Iran and Afghanistan

On Thursday 12 September Christian satellite TV channel SAT-7 PARS celebrates 11 years of broadcasting biblical truth in the Farsi language to Iran. Since it first aired in 2002 SAT-7 PARS has broadcast a v..


Worship Continues from Burned-Out Egyptian Church

On Sunday 8th September, Middle East Christian broadcaster SAT-7 aired footage of Egyptians worshipping in the remains of the Evangelical Church of Beni Mazar. Located in the town of Minia, Upper Egypt, it was one of ove..


Understanding the present situation in Egypt

SAT-7 CEO explains why Egyptians see events differently Recent political events in Egypt, especially security force conflicts with the Muslim Brotherhood, have highlighted both deep divisions within Egypt and b..


SAT-7 Egypt director on crackdown aftermath

The six-week standoff between an Egyptian government installed by the army and supporters of ousted President Morsi came to a violent end yesterday (15 August) with at least 525 deaths and 3,572 injured (BBC report 15/8/..


Human Rights Journalism Award for SAT-7

The Lebanese Center for Human Rights recently granted Juliana Sfeir, on behalf of SAT-7, the Human Rights Journalism Award. Sfeir is a special projects manager at SAT-7 Lebanon and an executive producer of social impact ..


Egyptian children pray to become change-makers

Thousands of Christian children pray to become change-makers in Egypt In a country rocked by change and division, some 1,400 eight to fourteen-year-old Egyptian children last week gathered to worship and ask God to ..


Unite and resist fear, Canterbury tells Egypt's Christians

The Archbishop of Canterbury, The Most Revd & Rt Hon Justin Welby, told Christians in Egypt not to fear but to unite ahead of this Sunday's national day of protest against President Mohammed Morsi and the Muslim Brot..


SAT-7 ARABIC now live on YouTube!

SAT-7 ARABIC has been one of the first channels to take advantage of a new live broadcasting service from YouTube. On 18th May the station aired its first programme live on the YouTube Live channel, three days after ..


Syrian Church calls Day of Prayer 11 May

Syrian church leaders have called for a day of prayer for their country and its people on Saturday, 11th May. Primarily, they are calling for prayer for peace to be restored to their country, enabling all Syrians to ..


Another "red line" crossed as kidnapped bishops remain missing

A SAT-7 programme for Syrian viewers has described the 22nd April kidnapping of two Syrian Bishops (Mar Gregorios Yohanna Ibrahim, The Syrian Orthodox Archbishop of Aleppo, and Metropolitan Paul Yazigi, the Greek Ort..


Beyond the Arab Spring

BEYOND THE ARAB SPRING – OPPORTUNITIES FOR THE MIDDLE EASTERN CHURCH Various reports have commented recently that the Arab Spring is turning into a “Christian winter” for the Church in the Middle Ea..


Relaunched TV studio is good news for Iran

A UK studio which produces and broadcasts programmes for Christians across the Persian-speaking world has gone live after an eight month period of rebuilding and refitting. The SAT-7 PARS studio in London is one of t..


Addressing the issues of a region in turmoil

At a time of unprecedented upheaval in the Middle East and North Africa, delegates at SAT-7's Network 2013 conference last week heard how satellite TV is helping sustain Christians in their faith and take a stronger ..


SAT-7 broadcasts Josh McDowell meetings live from Iraq

"Power to Forgive" is a month-long media advertising campaign leading up to a series of meetings which has been initiated at the invitation of church leaders in Erbil. This city of 1.3 million people lies in the auto..


Lebanon floods affect SAT-7 studio

Strong winds and flooding have caused havoc and at least one fatality in Lebanon in recent days. On Monday 7th January, torrential downpours flooded the SAT-7 Lebanon offices and studios, after local flood-water defe..


Press release: update on Egypt night of prayer

A year ago an unprecedented Night of Prayer drew 70,000 Christians from all streams of the Egyptian Church to pray for their nation. On 13th December 2012 some eight to ten thousand believers from across Egypt's chur..


Press release: Egypt’s Christians unite to pray for the nation

Less than two years after its democratic revolution, Egypt is in crisis - its people more divided than ever, with many fearful of the impact of a constitution which is due to be voted on this Saturday (15th December)..


SAT-7 KIDS celebrates 5 years on the air!

When Middle Eastern Christian satellite TV network SAT-7 first began broadcasting in 1996, the channel consisted of one two-hour weekly broadcast, with merely twenty minutes devoted to children. In the late 1990&rsqu..


UK Christians inspired by SAT-7 Egypt Director

Over a weekend when Egypt was in tumult over new powers assumed by its president, the Executive Director of SAT-7's Egypt studio was giving UK Christians first-hand insights into the country's changing spiritual and ..


SAT-7 to broadcast Coptic Patriarch enthronement live across Middle East

On 4th November, at the Coptic Orthodox Cathedral of St. Mark in Cairo, an altar ballot determined that 61-year-old Bishop Tawadros would be the 118th Coptic Patriarch. SAT-7 aired the momentous occasion in a special liv..


SAT-7 to broadcast enthronement of Coptic Patriach live across Middle East

On 4th November, at the Coptic Orthodox Cathedral of St. Mark in Cairo, an altar ballot determined that 61-year-old Bishop Tawadros would be the 118th Coptic Patriarch. SAT-7 aired the momentous occasion in a special..


Bishop declares democracy not enough for Middle East

Christians must hope for more than democracy in the Middle East, Bishop Michael Nazir-Ali told the audience at “Christianity at a Crossroads in the Middle East”, an event organised by Middle East Christia..


Lebanese at a turning point

For the first time in four years, on 19 October, a car bomb erupted in Beirut. Thankfully, SAT-7 staff members in Lebanon are safe, and the SAT-7 studio remains secure. The strategically coordinated assassinatio..


SAT-7 flashmob video scoops first prize at film festival

A SAT-7 flashmob video which recorded a classic Easter song being performed for amazed shoppers in Beirut's busiest shopping mall has won first prize in the music category at The Christian European Visual Media Assoc..


SAT-7 documentary up for prize at Baghdad Film Festival

Middle Eastern Christian TV broadcaster SAT-7 is pleased to announce that its documentary, Rough Ragged Journey, will be screened at the 4th Baghdad International Film Festival (BIFF) on 7th October. BIFF serves as a..


SAT-7 KIDS website wins gold award

Nearly two years of creative work on SAT-7 KIDS' new website have been rewarded with one of the most prestigious media awards in the Arab world. SAT-7 KIDS Broadcast and Audience Relations Manager, Andrea Elmouna..


New campaign invites UK Christians to take God's message into living rooms in Iran

Christians across the country are being asked to get together for food and friendship whilst raising money to help get God's message directly into the homes of Iranians. SAT-7 - the broadcaster of Christian ..


SAT-7 offers hope amidst uncertainty in Egypt

Egypt’s new president, Mohammed Mursi, has been sworn in, marking the start of a new era in Egypt’s political history. Mr Mursi has promised to build a "democratic, civil and modern state" that guarantees..


SAT-7 launches new website in the UK

To coincide with the 16th anniversary of SAT-7’s ground-breaking inaugural broadcast on 31st May 1996, SAT-7 has launched a new website in the UK – With a distinctively Middle Eastern..


Egyptians go to the polls

Let God and conscience guide your vote, Egypt’s Christians advised Egypt, the Arab world’s most populous country, has gone to the polls for the nation’s first free presidential elections (23-24..


Unprecedented numbers of children watching SAT-7 KIDS in the Middle East and North Africa

A massive number of children in the Arab world are tuning in to Christian TV programmes - and are calling out for more. The result of recent surveys indicate that over 9 million children across the Middle East an..


New Developments for SAT-7 TÜRK

Representatives from SAT-7 TÜRK's twenty international and local Turkish partners gathered with invited guests on 15th May in Istanbul for the SAT-7 TÜRK Annual General Meeting (AGM) and Dinner. Mr Mel..


Egyptian Christians Mourn Loss of Church Leader

SAT-7 International Council Extends Condolences to Coptic Orthodox Church On 17th March 2012, Coptic Pope Shenouda III died at the age of 88 as a result of health complications related to old age. SAT-7 interrupted i..


SAT-7 draws crowds at Cairo book fair

Crowds of excited children and parents visit SAT-7 at the 2012 Cairo International Book Fair Middle Eastern Christian broadcaster SAT-7 participated in the 2012 Cairo International Book Fair between 22nd January and..


SAT-7 TÜRK Appoints New Executive Director

Middle East Christian broadcaster SAT-7 is pleased to announce that Mr Melih Ekener has been appointed as Executive Director of its Turkish language channel, SAT-7 TÜRK. Mr Ekener comes to SAT-7 with over 25 ye..


Thousands of Christians Celebrate New Year In Tahrir Square

An historic New Year's Eve celebration in Tahrir Square has been described as a real-life fantasy, beyond all expectations. The event was, for many people, the only way to support one another on a very tough night, ..

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Self-reflection through comedy for Turkish viewers

A fun new show on SAT-7 TÜRK is exploring human relationships and behaviour under the microscope of God’s word. Four Seasons uses a series of comedy sketches to portray different situations in the four..


World Press Freedom Day 3 May

Freedom to think, freedom to believe “If ‘truth is the first casualty of war’ then it is amazing that there are any media channels left in the Middle East that still purvey truth!” SAT-7 fo..


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Popular women’s chat show Needle and Thread is back for a new series. And thanks to viewer interactions over three years on air, the team is better equipped to meet their needs and point women “upward to ..